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Low Carbon Power Generation
in Copenhagen
Part of our Low Carbon Copenhagen project ... project index >
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Wind power in Copenhagen
Denmark is a global leader in its commitment to wind energy. Wind power generation sites can be found throughout the country and wind power is a significant factor in Denmark's electricity supply — providing around 20% of it by 2007. Copenhagen is no exception, with turbine arrays in its harbour and on its shoreline.
Wind turbine technology has been developing steadily in Denmark since the 1980s. By 1st January 2009, the country had a generating capacity of 3,163MW, 423MW of which was provided by offshore installations. If you study the current wind tubine map of Denmark, you will see that the country is dotted with them.
The largest wind power generation site in Copenhagen is the 20-turbine Middelgrunden offshore wind farm, which lies just offshore, not far from the city centre. It provides 4% of the electricity needs of the city. Other large arrays include the turbines that line the shore at Lynetten in the harbour and at Avedøre Holme to the south, both associated with power station complexes.
Power generation in Copenhagen
Ten of the Middelgrunden turbines are owned by a co-operative in which citizens can buy shares, providing a level of public involvement in renewable energy. Some 8,500 individuals have purchased shares, at a rate of return of between 6-10% for the first six years of operation. This arrangement isn't unusual in Denmark — an estimated 150,000 Danish families (2005) have invested in similar wind projects.
Recent figures show that Denmark has more than 5,000 wind turbines, including eight offshore wind farms (to 2003). A further five are planned or under construction. The governing body for offshore wind power generation is the Danish Energy Agency, which not only controls permits but keeps a careful watch on environmental impact issues as well ..... next >
Power generation in Copenhagen
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Lynettens Vindkraft I/S   www.lynettenvind.dk
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The Danish Wind Industry Association spokesperson explains the situation succinctly
Take a virtual boat trip out to Middelgrunden ...
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offshore wind farm
turbines  20 x 2MW
hub height  64m
rotor diameter  76m
wind speed at 50m height  7.2m/sec
estimated power output per annum  99GWh
approval - completion  Sep 1996 - Mar 2001
% of Copenhagen's power supply  4%
Middelgrunden wind farm
Middelgrunden's turbines are located 3.5km off Copenhagen harbour, clearly visible from the city centre. They are founded on a natural reef 3-8m below sea level, for 200 years a harbour dump site. The 20 towers set 180m apart, ranged in a shallow 3.4km arc. Each turbine is rated at 2MW, making a power total of 40MW.
Generated power is routed to the central turbine in the arc, which is the main connection point to the electricity grid. The electricity travels to the Amager Power Plant via a 30kV submarine cable.
The siting of Middlegrunden was the subject of visual and environmental impact assessments, and a public consultation process. It is owned 50/50 by Danish predominently state-owned company DONG Energy, and Middelgrunden Wind Turbine Co-operative, in which many Danish citizens have shares. The co-operative owns the 10 most-southerly turbines.
Middelgrunden is the world's largest wind farm based on co-operative ownership, and was the world's largest offshore wind farm when it opened.
Follow the wind farm's power production live >>
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turbines  Bonus Energy A/S (Siemans Wind Power)
foundation contractor  Monberg & Thorsen A/S
grid connection  NKT Cables