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District Heating
in Copenhagen
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introduction  •  combined heat + power  •  Copenhagen's network  •  sources
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Copenhagen's network
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The Copenhagen district heating network
A plan of Copenhagen's integrated city-wide network
District heating diagram courtesy Ramboll
Diagram courtesy Rambøll
There are two main district heating networks and two smaller ones. Are all integrated into one system that is computer controlled from an operations centre in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen, run by CTR. The system is optimized as a whole using an agreed protocol developed in co-operation with all the organizations. Heat and steam for the system are supplied in the main by the city's combined heat and power (CHP) stations.
Central Kommunernes Transmissionsselskab (CTR)
CTR is a partnership between the municipalities of Frederiksberg, Gentofte, Gladsaxe, Copenhagen and Tårnby — the areas shown in white on the map above. It supplies heat to these municipalities and is responsible for the planning, establishment, funding and further development of the whole transmission system. CTR operates the primary (large-bore) distribution system and three booster pump stations, 14 peak-load units and 26 heat-exchanger stations ..... www.ctr.dk
Vestegnens Kraftvarmeselskab (VEKS)
VEKS is owned by the municipalities of Albertslund, Brøndby, Glostrup, Greve, Hvidovre, Høje-Taastrup, Ishøj, Roskilde, Rødovre, Solrød and Vallensbæk. It supplies heat to 19 local district heating companies in Vestegnen — the western suburban area of Copenhagen (the 11 municipalities), shown dark grey on the map above ..... www.veks.dk
Copenhagen Energy
Copenhagen Energy (Københavns Energi) is a utility company (actually a group of companies) owned by the City of Copenhagen. It supplies gas, heat and water to the city, and deals with sewage. Copenhagen Energy owns the steam district heating network that supplies large customers in central Copenhagen and in Frederiksberg (shown pale blue on the map), and is owner/operator of the small-bore distribution network for the whole district heating system. Copenhagen Energy is a partner in CTR ..... www.ke.dk
Vestforbrænding is a publicly owned company that works in waste management areas, including waste collection, recycling and waste-to-energy — generating power and heat. It supplies heat to the Herlev and Ballerup municipalities, shown dark blue on the map ..... www.vestfor.com
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introduction  •  combined heat + power  •  Copenhagen's network  •  sources
key facts  •  urban planning timeline  •  pedestrianisation timeline  •  Denmark timeline
map  courtesy Rambøll
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