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The story of London is the story of its
infrastructure and the bridges over the River Thames are a key part of that story. Find out the reasons for their construction and the difference they made to the city.
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London Bridge
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54 BC - AD 1065
1066 - 1484
1485 onwards
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The Bridges of London
by Adam Poole, writer on engineering adam@engineeringrelations.com
Old London Bridge
The River Thames at London is the most-bridged river in any major city. There are 18 road bridges, nine rail bridges and three footbridges in Greater London.
Yet for most of its history, the Thames has been one of the least-bridged major-city rivers. Amazingly, for more than 1,500 years, from when the Romans founded the city until a timber bridge was built at Putney in 1729, London only ever had one bridge — London Bridge ..... more >
introduction |  infrastructure is destiny |  the Romans |  Anglo-Saxon period
Medieval period |  Old London Bridge |  the growth of London |  more bridges at last
the modern city |  MAPS |  reading list
London today
London's Thames River bridges today ..... more maps >

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