Anthony Hunt
Personal information from Anthony Hunt, to whom special thanks is due, given at a meeting dated 12th December 2007.
Correspondence with Anthony Hunt that took place between December 2007 and February 2008.
Various materials (written material, unpublished projects and designs, background information) from the archives of Anthony Hunt, including: photographs relating to the work of Anthony Hunt, Anthony Hunt Associates and YRM Anthony Hunt Associates; and images relating to Hunt's early life.
Alistair Best, Two Problems Solved, in Design Journal, 1971
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Financial Times Industrial Architecture Awards, booklet, Financial Times Ltd, London, 1980
All items by Anthony Hunt
All items by Anthony Hunt Associates
All items by YRM Anthony Hunt Associates
Everything built ... 1932 - 2008
references  interview with Anthony Hunt, correspondance with Anthony Hunt
photo  courtesy Anthony Hunt

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Anthony Hunt
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