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Stonehouse Creek Bridge
Stonehouse Creek, Plymouth, Devon
associated engineer
John Smeaton
date  1773
UK era  Georgian  |  category  Bridge  |  reference  SX461544
Stonehouse Creek Bridge crosses the former creek of the same name near the point where it once reached the sea, although the creek is now filled in. The bridge provided one of the links between what used to be the separate towns of Devonport and Plymouth. Originally a tollbridge, it saved the long journey further north to Millbridge and provided access to Plymouth Docks for those in Devonport.
The masonry bridge hwas designed by John Smeaton. It has a single span of 12.2m and is 21.3m long. The road width was 8.2m on the approaches, narrowing to 7.6m over the arch.
A toll was charged to cross the bridge right up until 1924. Return toll charges were set at 2d (0.8p) for a vehicle drawn by one horse, 3d (1.25p) for one with two horses, 6d (2.5p) for those with more than two horses and a halfpenny (0.2p) for pedestrians. To make it easier for hackney carriages to ply their trade between Plymouth and Devonport, the bridge was widened and the abutments raised in 1828.
The bridge passed out of private ownership when it was bought by the General Tolls Company Ltd in February 1890. In 1923, Plymouth Town Council purchased the toll rights. However, on 1st April 1924, the toll was abolished.
Further widening, for dual carriageways, took place in 1966 when railings replaced the stone parapet. In 1972, the creek north of the bridge was completely filled with some 600,000 tonnes of material to create an area of 7.7 hectares of recreational land.
Stonehouse Creek Bridge is a Grade II listed structure.
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Stonehouse Creek Bridge