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White Mill, Sandwich
Sandwich, Kent, UK
White Mill, Sandwich
associated engineer
Not known
date  1801 - 1820
UK era  Georgian  |  category  Windmill  |  reference  TR320586
photo  Peter Cross-Rudkin
A four storey white painted smock mill with a Kentish wagon cap and fantail that was probably built between 1801 and 1820.
No mill is shown on surveys done between 1778 and 1801, though the construction date is also sometimes given as circa 1760-70. A windmill was shown at Sandwich on a map of 1695 but this was probably a post mill. Later maps show other windmills and it has been estimated that there may have been about seven windmills in the area. This is the only one remaining.
The mill was bought by Thomas Stanley in 1878 from T.J. Bushell. His sons then ran the business as Stanley Brothers. The mill was last wind worked in 1926. It ceased work competely in 1953, the last miller being Albert Stanley. His father sustained a fatal injury at the mill around ten years before that date.
The mill has four patent anticlockwise sweeps (the Kentish name for sails) and has intact machinery, including a wooden brake-wheel, brake, and wallower, plus two governors. It was originally wind worked with two pairs of overdrift stones before changing to oil-fueled, then diesel-fueled, engine working.
One cant post and parts of two others were replaced during restoration work by Vincent Pargeter that began in 1961. Two replacement sweeps from Wingham Mill were installed and new weatherboarding fitted in 1967. The mill has been owned by the County Council since 1968 and further restoration has subsequently been carried out by a local firm.
Research: PD
"The Windmills of Kent" by J. West, Skilton & Shaw, London, 1973 and 1979
reference sources   WofEWGE

White Mill, Sandwich