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Quainton Windmill
Quainton, Buckinghamshire, UK
Quainton Windmill
associated engineer
Not known
date  1830 - 1832
UK era  Georgian  |  category  Windmill  |  reference  SP745202
photo  J. Brian Powell
A complete six storey tower mill built in brick, said to have been constructed from the inside in the manner of a chimney stack. It's still in the ownership of the family that built it and has been brought back to working order after years of restoration.
Quainton Windmill, also known as Banner Mill, is some 20m high and has a loading door on the second floor and a reefing gallery on the third. There are three pairs of underdrift stones located on the fourth floor. The iron brake-wheel is a single casting.
It was built by James Anstiss and is still in Anstiss family ownership. When it was half built, a temporary thatch roof was installed while the builder went to America the mill was not completed until his return. Early in the mill's life, it was fitted with a steam engine. However, it was wind worked until 1881. Milling ceased completely in 1900.
The building stood for many years with no cap or sails until 1974, when the owner formed the Quainton Windmill Society. The Society spent 18 years restoring the mill. When work began, the building had an earth floor and no window glass but had an aluminium cap. Restoration work spread over 23 years during which the mill gained a white dome cap, four patent double shuttered anticlockwise sails and a red and white eight-blade fantail. In early 1997, the restored mill ground its first bag of wheat in nearly a century.
Second-hand pitch pine replacement fantail shear beams had been obtained from Camberwell Docks. One developed rot and serious shakes during 2001. The design of the shutters was also modified at that date by an 85 year old tradesman.
Research: PD
"Windmills in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire" by A.C. Smith
Stevenage Museum Publications, 1976
reference sources   WofEWGE

Quainton Windmill