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Ramsey Windmill
A604, west of Ramsey, Essex, UK
Ramsey Windmill
associated engineer
Whitmore & Binyon (millwright)
H & C Collins (millwright)
date  erected before 1819, moved 1842
UK era  Georgian  |  category  Windmill  |  reference  TM207304
photo  Peter Cross-Rudkin
An east Suffolk-style turret post mill which might seem unexpected in Essex but it originally came from Woodbridge in Suffolk and was moved here in 1842, reputedly by boat. Ramsey Windmill was one of the last two windmills to work in Essex.
Turret post mills have roundhouses as their bases. Ramsey's is three storeys high and built in brick, with loading doors on its lower floors. On top of the roundhouse sits the timber body, or buck, of the mill, clad in weatherboarding and with a curved gabled roof. There is a sack hoist to the rear.
The mill has four double shuttered anticlockwise patent sails, which have a very large span for a post mill. There are two upright shafts and three pairs of stones, both overdrift and underdrift, set in the 'two head and one tail' configuration and driven by a double spurwheel.
Originally erected at Woodbridge in Suffolk by Whitmore & Binyon of Wickham Market, the mill was moved to Ramsey in 1842 by H & C Collins of Melton. The Brookes family owned it for nearly 100 years. On the death of John Brookes in 1937, it was bought by R.M. Scott Ltd. of Ipswich, biscuit manufacturers, and worked by them for several years. It was last wind worked in 1939 and ceased work completely some time before 1948.
The mill then stood derelict. Remedial work was carried out by volunteers in 1973 to prevent its collapse. Much of the work was carried out by amateur millwright, C. Hulcoop MBE, working with the then owner Michael Organ. The remains of an unusual six blade fantail were still on the roof in 1989 but had gone by 2000.
Ramsey Windmill is Grade II* listed.
Research: PD
"England's Vanishing Windmills" by A.E.P. Shillingford, Godfrey Cave Associates Ltd, London, 1979
reference sources   WofEWGEEngW

Ramsey Windmill