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Grosvenor (Victoria) Bridge
River Thames, Pimlico, London
associated engineer
Freeman Fox & Partners
date  1963 - 1967
UK era  Modern  |  category  Bridge  |  reference  TQ286778
ICE reference number  HEW 2253
The profile and structural design of Grosvenor Bridge were directly influenced by the history of railway bridge building on this site. The bridge's predecessor, known as Victoria Bridge, accommodated first two, then seven, then nine tracks in successive widenings, each following in the design footsteps of the initial structure.
The first bridge was completed in 1860. Designed by Sir John Fowler, it was the first rail bridge to cross the Thames in the London area. Its profile consisted of four arched river spans and a land span at each end. Then, in 1866, the second structure was completed. The third opened in 1907. All kept to the profile set by Fowler.
The two older structures were made of wrought iron, the third of steel. By the mid 20th century, the former were deteriorating and carrying heavier loads than they were designed to take. It was decided to replace the bridge. However, aesthetic, technical and practical reasons influenced the decision to keep the four-arch elevation.
The current Grosvenor Bridge was constructed as ten separate single-track bridges. This allowed the work to be phased, replacing the tracks in stages and minimising disruption to rail traffic.
Each river span consists of two two-pinned welded steel box-section rib arches. They support a 4.2m wide steel deck that carries the ballasted track.
Though the locations of the piers are similar to the earlier bridge, substantial rebuilding resulted in the reduction of the main spans to 50m (from the original 53.3m). The land spans were replaced by welded steel plate girders.
Grosvenor Bridge carries rail traffic into Victoria Station.
Project engineer: A.H. Cantrell (British Railways)
Main contractor: Marples, Ridgway & Partners
Steelwork: Dorman Long (Bridge & Engineering) Ltd
reference sources   CEH Lond

Grosvenor (Victoria) Bridge