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Preston Station roof
Fishergate, Preston , Lancashire, UK
Preston Station roof
associated engineer
Not known
date  1875 - 1878
UK era  Victorian  |  category  Building  |  reference  SD533290
ICE reference number  HEW 984
photo  ICE R&D Fund
The delicate wrought iron roof trusses of Preston Station date from the rebuilding and extension work carried out after 1873, work that was long overdue. The various rail companies that jointly owned the station had not been able to agree on the sharing of improvement costs.
The five original railway companies that served Preston each had separate stations until 1844, when main line services were concentrated on the site of the present Preston Station, the station set up for North Union Railway. Until that date, they had all refused to collaborate on through services, giving Preston a certain notoriety.
Preston continued, and continues, to be a busy interchange point. It lies halfway between London Euston and Glasgow Central on the West Coast Main Line. Even the fastest express trains used to stop at Preston, which is still used as a crew change station for main line trains.
The passenger station has seven through-platforms and one terminus-platform (between Platforms 3 and 4). There are also separate platforms for mail trains and engineering services.
The rebuilding and extension work that began in 1873 and went on until 1903 included the high-level lantern roof we can see today. The London & North Western Railway drawings for it are dated 23rd August 1876 and are marked "HH" or "AH". It has three spans, each covering a pair of passenger platforms, and covers an area of 10,710 square metres. A cantilevered canopy covers the seventh platform Platform 1.
The spans are made up of 9.15m bays. Span one measures 20.1m and is composed of 23 bays. Span two is 23.5m. The third span measures 15.5m and has 15 bays.
The roof is carried by wrought iron trusses at 9.15m centres with intermediate rafters at 3m centres. Buildings support the trusses between Platforms 3 and 4, hollow cast iron columns elsewhere. The columns are 8.23m high. They vary in diameter from 355mm at the base to 305mm at the top, and the iron is 50mm thick.
Contractor: Cooper & Tullis
Research: PD
reference sources   BRH

Preston Station roof