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Holton Windmill
Holton, Suffolk
Holton Windmill
associated engineer
John Swann (millwright)
date  1749
UK era  Georgian  |  category  Windmill  |  reference  TM401774
photo  J. Brian Powell
One of east Suffolk’s finest preserved windmills in its external appearance. It was built as an open trestle post mill but later converted into a turret post mill by the addition of the single storey brick roundhouse.
Most parts of the mill are by Swann, except for the black tarred roundhouse and the six-blade fantail at the end of the two-wheeled tail ladder. Both were added at later dates. The mill carries the inscription "F+Swan 1749".
The building was advertised for sale in 1835 as a "capital post windmill with brick roundhouse", which means the roundhouse was added before or during 1835. It was auctioned in 1761 as "a well accustomed windmill". Around 1870, William Gibson became the last miller. When offered for sale in 1886, the yearly rent for the mill, mill house, stable and engine shed was £27.10s.0d.
The mill ceased work in the 1900s. The machinery was removed and a platform was added at the rear. The structure then used as a summer house.
The present fantail was fitted by Robert Martin in 1938. Some restoration work was carried out in 1949. The County Council took the mill on in 1966 and more restoration was carried out in 1966-8 by Neville Martin of Beccles, who had worked on the mill with his father in 1933, and whose grandfather had made the fantail. By now, much of the internal framing was decayed. Lightweight hollow stocks were made by William Brown of Ipswich in 1968. The mill was also repaired in 1992.
The buck, or body, of the mill features horizontal weatherboarding and a curved gabled roof. There is a shortened tailpole, and two common and two patent anticlockwise sails. When it was working, the mill had two pairs of overdrift stones in 'head and tail' configuration.
The mill is reached by a path through private land off the B1123 to the top of a hill on the south side of the village of Holton.
Research: PD
"Suffolk Windmills" by B. Flint
The Boydell Press, Woodbridge, 1979

Holton Windmill