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Bedford Bridge
River Ouse, Bedford
associated engineer
John Wing
date  1811 - 1813
UK era  Georgian  |  category  Bridge  |  reference  TL049496
ICE reference number  HEW 1886
A handsome five arch bridge, the parapets, main structure and string courses of which are built in Portland stone. The infill spandrels are of Rutland stone.
It replaced an earlier bridge on the same site that fell into decay. The old bridge had seven arches and two gatehouses, and was partly built with masonry from Bedford Castle, which had been demolished in 1224.
The 1811-13 replacement was funded by public subscription and began life as a toll bridge. It became free of toll in 1835.
The bridge was widened in 1938 from 30ft to 54ft, the alterations being made on the upstream side. The original parapets and facing stonework were rebuilt in the new positions over the new concrete arch work.
reference sources   BBCEH E&C

Bedford Bridge