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Wolf Rock Lighthouse
9 miles southwest of Land's End
associated engineer
James Walker
Sir James Nicholas Douglass
date  1870
UK era  Victorian  |  category  Lighthouse  |  reference  SW268120
ICE reference number  HEW 76
Wolf Rock earned its name from the howling sound made by air escaping from a hollow in the rock after compression by wave action. The sound was itself a deterrent for ships but something more became necessary after the hollow was filled in by locals.
From 1791 onwards various attempts at beacons were made, though none stood the test of time. The present lighthouse was designed by Walker and built by Douglass, who succeeded Walker as chief engineer for Trinity House. Its light has a range of 16 miles.
The tower is 135ft high and made of dovetailed granite blocks, bolted and cemented together. It has seven internal floor levels blow the lantern. A substantial landing stage was also built.
reference sources   CEH South

Wolf Rock Lighthouse