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Smeaton's Pier
St Ives, Cornwall
associated engineer
John Smeaton
date  1767 - 1770
UK era  Georgian  |  category  Pier, harbour  |  reference  SW519407
ICE reference number  HEW 1397
A rubble and masonry pier extending south from the coast at St Ives, on the east side of the harbour's south entrance.
In constructing the pier, Smeaton's 1766 design also provided a seabed reservoir at its root. This fills at high tide, allowing wave action to scour the harbour. During surveying, the seabed was probed and the sand found to be dense at 6ft below surface. On this suitably secure base a tipped stone mound was made, on which to found the pier.
The pier walls are of coursed masonry, enclosing a rubble masonry core and supporting a parapet wall, 9ft tall. The crest of this wall is at 15ft above the high water mark of spring tides, and 36ft above the pier's foundations. At top, the pier measures 24ft across.
Originally 360ft long, comprising some 35,000 tons of stone and costing 9,480 to construct, the pier was built by Thomas Richardson, who had been Smeaton's foreman mason on the construction of Edddystone Lighthouse.
The pier was extended by a further 300ft in the late 1890s.
Contractor: Thomas Richardson
Research: PD
"John Smeaton FRS"
ed. Prof. A.W. Skempton
Thomas Telford Ltd, London, 1981
reference sources   CEH South

Smeaton's Pier