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Cairnholy Chambered Cairns
Creetown, Dumfries and Galloway
associated engineer
date  not known
UK era  Pre-Roman  |  category  Monument, historical  |  reference  NX517539
Two important Neolithic burial sites excavated in 1949 and still impressive although extensively robbed of stone.
The larger cairn is to the south and measures 43m by 10m. The rectangular tomb chamber is the earliest part, may originally have been central to smaller, circular cairn, later overbuilt by the current structure.
There are indications that the tomb was reused during the Early Bronze Age. Its entrance is sealed by a single stone, suggesting that bodies were interred from above before the chamber was sealed with a slab. The original passage was extended as the cairn was increased in size, and led to a forecourt which was later filled in with material including pottery, sea-shells and beads, sealing the cairn from use.
A curved facade formed from eight stones was part of the structure, but now stands proud due to extensive robbery of the original materials.
The smaller cairn measures only 21m by 12m and has been considerably denuded. The central chamber, although no longer buried, remains intact. A 3m high portal stone stands to the east of the mound. There are indications here, too, that the site was both reused and plundered in the distant past.
reference sources   LG/SJ

Cairnholy Chambered Cairns