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Edinshall Fort
Cockburn Law, north of Duns, Scottish Borders
associated engineer
date  circa 2 AD
UK era  Pre-Roman  |  category  Earthwork/Fortifications  |  reference  NT772603
This complex Iron Age site is thought to have been developed in several phases, the oldest part being the oval base of the fort itself. This is situated above the steep banks of Whiteadder Water. Its interior measures 134m by 73m, defended by a double band of ramparts and ditches.
The fort is divided by a bank, and the west half of the oval is almost entirely taken up by the remains of a large stone tower. The interior of this broch is 17m across, with ruined dry-stone walls some 5m thick and 2m high. The broch's entrance is in the east wall and flanked by guard cells.
In the east half of the fort enclosure, a later settlement overflowed the original defence structures. These dwellings, built c2 AD, consisted of roundhouses with both open and enclosed yards. 90m to the south-east, there is evidence that similar homes were also built beyond the outer margins of the original fort.
reference sources   ScotPre

Edinshall Fort