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Long Knowe Long Cairn
Newcastleton Forest, Borders
associated engineer
date  circa 700 BC
UK era  Pre-Roman  |  category  Monument, historical  |  reference  NY527862
This elongated, pear-shaped mound of stones is the best preserved cairn in Southern Scotland, due probably to its remote location. It lies in the Newcastleton Forest in a clearing next to a forestry track, some distance from any public road.
The cairn measures about 52m in length and at its widest part is 13.5m across. Stone slab chests which served as tombs are buried at various points within it, their locations indicated by upright slabs protruding from the mound.
The site was investigated in the C19th, but there is no published evidence of any result of the enquiry.
reference sources   ScotPre

Long Knowe Long Cairn