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Temple Wood Stone Circle
associated engineer
date  not known
UK era  Pre-Roman  |  category  Monument, historical  |  reference  NR826978
An almost perfectly circular ring of 22 stones which stands out amongst other ritual monuments in the Kilmartin valley. Several missing originals have been replaced by blocks of concrete.
The circle measures 12m across and served as a burial site over a period of centuries. The order of the burials is not known.
Just outside the circle are two chambered tombs, and in the centre another. All consist of stone slab cists buried under cairns. The cairn to the west is thought to have contained the body of a 4-6 year old child, of whom one tooth was found. The mound of rocks is ringed with upright stones and dry-stone walling, and the floor of the tomb cavity is paved with flat stones and earth.
The floor in the north-east tomb is of pebble and when uncovered in 1929, it contained arrowheads, a flint scraper and a beaker. In the central cairn, the cist is only partially buried and the slab seal is missing, suggesting that it was opened before modern excavations were first carried out.
Further excavations took place from 1974-9, at which time the previous existence of an older stone circle was discovered to the north of the site. Its layout is now marked in concrete.
reference sources   LG/SJ

Temple Wood Stone Circle