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London Ark
Hammersmith, London
associated engineer
Not known
date  1991
UK era  Modern  |  category  Building  |  reference  TQ234784
An office block designed in the late 1980s to address growing concerns about Sick Building Syndrome. The tiered, oval structure bellies out like a ship. It contains 15,000m sq of open-plan office space around a central, wood-panelled atrium. These make maximum use of natural light which flood in from the structure's core.
The air-cooling system circulates fresh air, stale air being discharged through the atrium roof, and heating is conserved with triple-glazing. Outside, the steel frame is banded with copper cladding, intended to turn from red to green over time; the brick supports will of course remain red.
Architect: Ralph Erskine for Lennart Bergstrom Architects, in association with Rock Townsend Architects
reference sources   LG/SJ

London Ark