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Dun Trodden Broch
Kyle of Lochalsh, Highland
associated engineer
date  not known
UK era  Pre-Roman  |  category  Earthwork/Fortifications  |  reference  NG833172
One of two fortified mounds near the river Abhainne, known as the Glen Elg Brochs. The other is Dun Telve, and together they are the best preserved and structurally interesting of their kind in Scotland.
Dun Trodden is the smaller of the two, with an internal diameter of 8.5m. Roughly one third of the original wall stands to a height of 7.6m and is constructed similarly to that at Dun Telve, with a solid base 4.1m thick and tapering upwards.
What remains of the upper wall consists of two skins, bonded by lintels and still containing three complete galleries. These may have been used for storage.
The north-west wall contains a guard cell with corbelled roof and a stairway leading up to a level passage at first floor level, and then beginning a brief, second ascent, the remains of which is lost in the ruin. A stone lip at the first floor level would have supported a timber floor.
Excavations were carried out in 1920 and identified a central hearth, and further timber supports for the internal structure, now lost.
reference sources   ScotPre

Dun Trodden Broch