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Dun Telve Broch
Kyle of Lochalsh, Highland
associated engineer
date  not known
UK era  Pre-Roman  |  category  Earthwork/Fortifications  |  reference  NG829172
One of two fortified mounds near the river Abhainne, known as the Glen Elg Brochs. The other is Dun Trodden, and together they are the best preserved and structurally interesting of their kind in Scotland.
Dun Telve stands on a shelf of gravel on the north bank of the river. Its interior measures 9.75m in diameter, between walls some 4m thick at base and tapering upwards. About a third of the structure stands to a height of 10.1m; the walls of the remaining two-thirds have been reduced to the lower courses.
The walls are largely solid at base, although with voids above the entrance to lessen the weight above the lintel. This is in the west wall, and is flanked by a corbelled cell to the left and the base of a stairway to the right. 17 steps remain. Further up, the walls are formed of two skins with numerous lintels.
The inner wall has two scarcements, the lower of which probably supported the upper story of a timber construction. The upper, at a height of 8.9m, may have carried a timber roof across the entire interior.
Four complete galleries also survive within the existing upper walls, and part of a ruined fifth. Excavations have found traces of outer buildings of considerable scale, some dated considerably later than the original walls.
reference sources   ScotPre

Dun Telve Broch