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Old Bridge, Craigellachie
River Spey, Craigellachie, Moray, Scotland, UK
Old Bridge, Craigellachie
associated engineer
Thomas Telford
date  1812 - 1814
UK era  Georgian  |  category  Bridge  |  reference  NJ285451
ICE reference number  HEW 24
photo  ICE archive
This single, latticed span over the River Spey is the oldest surviving iron bridge in Scotland. It cost 8,200 to build, outspending its original estimate by 200, was commemorated in a poem by Southey in 1819 and justly added to Telford's fame as an engineer.
Recognising the properties of his material, Telford designed a far lighter bridge than stone would ever have allowed. The slim arch spans 150ft between stone abutments. It is constructed from four, cast iron ribs, 15ft apart, with cast iron spandrels bolted in a diamond lattice below an iron railing.
The abutments carry the span at 12ft above normal water level to allow for flooding, and this precaution allowed the bridge to withstand the floods of 1829, when the Spey rose by 15.5ft.
50ft tall, hollow, castellated stone towers top the abutments, providing heavy contrast to the delicacy of the ironwork.
Craigellachie Bridge was restored in 1964 and bypassed in 1972.
Construction: William Stuttle
Ironwork: William Hazledine
Masonry: John Simpson
reference sources   HighBr

Old Bridge, Craigellachie