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Prestongrange Colliery Beam Engine
associated engineer
Harvey & Co.
date  1874
UK era  Victorian  |  category  Machinery, industrial  |  reference  NT370737
This steam-powered, steel beam engine and the engine house of which it forms an integral part are central to the Prestongrange colliery site, now a historical monument to the Scottish coal industry.
The massive pump, capable of shifting 650 gals of water per minute, is of a design most common in Cornwall, where it was originally developed to use high-pressure steam with greatest efficiency.
The cast-iron beam stands at a height of 27ft, is 33ft long and 6ft 4in deep, and weighs more than 30 tons. The stroke of the beam is 12ft, giving the pump-rams one of 10ft, and the normal working speed would have been three and a half strokes per minute.
The pump was modified in 1895 and was in full use until 1954.
reference sources   LG/SJ

Prestongrange Colliery Beam Engine