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Wanlockhead Beam Engine
associated engineer
date  circa 1870
UK era  Victorian  |  category  Machinery, industrial  |  reference  NS870131
Once common as a mine-draining device, this wood, cast-iron and masonry water-bucket pumping-engine is the last in Britain remaining relatively intact, with only the squarish bucket missing.
It is thought to have served as a supplementary pump for draining disused parts of Straitsteps lead-mine in Wanlockhead, where it stands at the top of a shaft to the north.
The structure consists of a 27ft 9in, pitch-pine beam, pivoted on a cast-iron block which is mounted onto a 13ft high pillar of stone masonry. A wooden steeple-frame and guide-rails stand at one end, while the other hangs over the mineshaft.
The pump was powered by the filling and emptying of the bucket, and the pit into which the bucket descended when full remains, complete with drainage outlets.
By 1900, the pump had fallen into disuse.
reference sources   LG/SJ

Wanlockhead Beam Engine