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Salginatobel Bridge
Robert Maillart : reinforced concrete revolutionary
SWISS ENGINEER ROBERT MAILLART ..... Read his biography >

Salginatobel Bridge, Switzerland : completed 1930 ..... more >
New   Swiss structural engineer Robert Maillart revolutionised the use of reinforced concrete. His work on bridges and building frames challenged the accepted design methods of the time, and resulted in graceful structures of inherent strength and apparent simplicity. The slenderness of the elements is astonishing in contrast to the massive constructions of his contemporaries in the first part of the 20th century ..... more >
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Warrington Transporter Bridge
photo courtesy Friends of Warrington Transporter Bridge
Warrington Transporter Bridge (Crosfield's Transporter Bridge) is currently listed on Historic England's at-risk register. In March this year, Friends of Warrington Transporter Bridge was formed to be its independent voice and champion. Local supporters would like to see the bridge more-widely recognised as an industrial landmark, and used as a symbol for Warrington ....
More information is available from www.warringtontransporterbridge.co.uk or Facebook
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photo courtesy Friends of Warrington Transporter Bridge

The Unseen Hand of Tony Hunt
by Engineering Timelines contributor Nigel Dale
published by Whittles Publishing, Caithness
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