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South East London CHP Station
Landmann Way, Deptford, London, UK
associated engineer
Martin Engineering Systems Ltd
date  1991 - December 1993
era  Modern  |  category  Power Generation  |  reference  TQ355781
The South East London Combined Heat and Power (SELCHP) Station uses household refuse that would otherwise go to landfill to generate power and heat. This is often referred to as energy recovery. SELCHP converts up to 420,000 tonnes of non-recyclable household waste annually into electricity for the UK's National Grid.
The power station has a capacity of 31MW, which powers some 48,000 homes. Electricity is generated at 11kV and is uprated by transformers to 132kV for export to the grid.
Waste from an onsite stockpile is fed onto a sloping grate, where it is turned continually and incinerated at high enough temperatures to destroy potentially harmful chemicals. The hot gases transfer their heat to water in a boiler, which produces steam at 395 degrees Celsius and 4,600kN per square metre pressure.
The steam drives a turbine and generates electricity, and also preheats the combustion air to initiate the waste burning process. Exhaust steam from the turbine is condensed and recycled back to the boiler.
Ferrous metals are reclaimed from the incinerator bottom ash, which is then reprocessed into secondary aggregate for construction. The flue gases are treated to remove the oxides of nitrogen, heavy metals and dioxins, and to neutralise acids. Particulates in the gases are filtered out and disposed of at a licensed hazardous waste site. All processes are in accordance with EU directives.
Site clearance began in 1991, and the power station was commissioned in December 1993. It was opened officially by HRH the Prince of Wales on 29th November 1994 and is operated by Veolia Environmental Services Ltd / Onyx SELCHP.
Main contractor: Martin Engineering Systems Ltd
Turbine and generator supply: Asea Brown Boveri
Boiler and incinerator supply: Steinmuller
Research: ECPK

South East London CHP Station