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Lerwick Power Station
Gremista, Lerwick, Shetland
associated engineer
Not known
date  1953, 1996
era  Modern  |  category  Power Generation  |  reference  HU463427
Lerwick's oil-fired power station has supplied the town with electricity for more than half a century from its harbourside location. There are worries that the ageing plant may struggle to meet modern pollution control standards.
The station has a capacity of 67MW at peak demand, and typically supplies some 200GWh of electricity annually.
Lerwick A opened in 1953, followed in 1996 by Lerwick B. Electricity is produced by burning heavy and medium fuel oil, with some diesel being used to start the generators.
There are nine generators and two gas turbines at the station. Some of the present generators are 40 years old and were due for decommissioning in 2000.
There are six fuel storage tanks, containing from 300 tonnes to 3,800 tonnes of oil, giving a total of 12,750 tonnes of oil on site. The bulk fuel is delivered by marine tanker and pumped along a supply pipeline between the quayside and the power station.
Up to 60 percent of the energy generated is wasted as heat, which is vented to the air or into the harbour. An idea that this surplus heat could be used in the nearby district heating system fell through, partly because the temperature is not high enough.
Lerwick Power Stationís future after 2010 is open to question. It is possible that the plant could be reconfigured to burn other fuels. Alternatively, a new power station could be built out of town — freeing up a valuable waterside site. This would ensure continuity of supply in the event that other sources of electorate failed. Shetland is not connected to the National Grid.
Research: ECPK

Lerwick Power Station