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Indian Queens Power Station
Gaverigan, St Dennis, Cornwall, UK
associated engineer
Not known
date  December 1996
era  Modern  |  category  Power Generation  |  reference  SW939592
The peak lopping power plant near Indian Queens in Cornwall operates intermittently as demand dictates, to supplement electricity supplies from larger power stations.
The power station operates for a maximum of 20 percent of the year, to comply with its integrated pollution control agreement. The plant is fuelled by low sulphur distillate oil (diesel), and has a peak capacity of 140MW. It can also provide up to 180MW of reactive power support for synchronous compensation on the 400kV grid.
De-ionised water is sprayed into the burner, reducing the flame temperature and suppressing nitrous oxide emissions.
The burning fuel heats water to produce steam, which provides the power to drive a turbine. There is one 140MW GE 9001E open cycle gas turbine at Indian Queens, which can produce power very quickly.
The power station was built by American utility company Destec Energy, under a 20 year purchase agreement from the National Grid. The AES Corporation bought it on 30th June 1997, and then sold it to International Power plc in September 2006 for 32m.
Diesel is delivered to site by road tanker, although a natural gas pipeline was proposed in 2000 as an alternative source of fuel.
Main contractor: John Brown Engineering Ltd
Foundations: Interserve Project Services
Turbine and generator supply: John Brown Engineering Ltd, Elin Engineering
Water de-ioniser: ELGA
Research: ECPK

Indian Queens Power Station