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Didcot B Power Station
Sutton Courtenay, Didcot, Oxfordshire, UK
associated engineer
Not known
date  1994 - July 1997
era  Modern  |  category  Power Generation  |  reference  SU506920
Didcot B is efficient combined-cycle gas turbine station, powered by natural gas. It has two generating units, each comprising two gas turbines with generators and a steam turbine with a generator. The total capacity is 1,360MW.
Filtered air, compressed to more than 1,600kN per sq m, enters the combustion chamber where it mixes with natural gas. The mixture burns at 1,160 degrees Celsius.
The expanding exhaust gas from the combustion chamber turns the gas turbine shaft at 3,000rpm. The shaft connects to the generator, where an electromagnetic rotor turns the copper stator to create electric current. Each gas turbine generator has an output of 225MW.
The cooling exhaust gas from the turbine then passes through a heat recovery steam generator, which produces up to 320 tonnes per hour of high-pressure steam to run the steam turbine and its generator. Each steam turbine generator has an output of 230MW.
Cold water for the condenser is drawn from the River Thames. Once heated, a cold air stream cools the water again, inside 31 low-level cooling towers. They are designed to minimise the appearance of water vapour plumes.
The six generators produce electricity at 15,750V. This is transformed up to 400kV and transmitted to the UK's National Grid from their substation on the neighbouring Didcot A site.
Didcot B Power Station was built by National Power and is now operated by RWE npower. The power station operates under licence from the Environment Agency, and is certified to ISO 14001.
Main contractor and gas turbine supply: Siemans
Heat recovery steam generator supply: Internal Combustion Ltd
Research ECPK
b i b l i o g r a p h y
"Didcot Power Stations" by npower, RWE Group
undated, document in PDF available on www.rwe.com

Didcot B Power Station