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Baglan Bay Power Station
Baglan Bay, Port Talbot, Wales
associated engineer
date  October 2000 - September 2003
era  Modern  |  category  Power Generation  |  reference  SS730924
At the time it was built, this was the world’s most advanced combined cycle natural gas-fired power station. It replaced an earlier oil-fired power station on the same site.
GE Power Systems built Baglan Bay Power Station on land leased from BP. It was designed to supply electricity to the adjacent Baglan Energy Park and BP’s isopropanol plant (closed in 2004) at 33kV, with the surplus electricity going to the UK's National Grid through a 275kV connection.
Solid couplings connect the 50Hz 9H gas turbine, the D10 steam turbine and the liquid-cooled generator into a single shaft configuration.
The 525MW output gas turbine was manufactured in the USA and shipped to Baglan Bay in December 2000, for rigorous testing from November 2002 onwards. It is 11.9m long, 4.9m in diameter and weighs 368 tonnes. Its high thermal efficiency — close to 60 percent — results from a firing temperature of 1,430 degrees Celsius (some 100 degrees Celsius higher than older turbines) and a closed circuit steam cooling system.
The station also has a 33MW combined heat and power (CHP) plant, run by a GE LM2500 gas turbine. It has a heat recovery steam generator and an auxiliary boiler. The CHP facility enables the power station to start generating electricity without an external power source.
In addition to the buildings housing the power generation equipment, there is a service administration building with a water treatment plant and a cooling tower. The tower is a slip-formed concrete chimney with triple flues.
There is a natural gas pipeline connecting the power station with the UK national gas transmission grid (operated by Transco). It is 11.5km long and 457mm in diameter. Equipment rated at 4MW provides gas compression and pressure regulation.
Planning permission for Baglan Bay Power Station was granted in 1999, and work was completed in September 2003 at a cost of £300m. HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Philip officially opened the station on the 28th October 2004.
Arup was the engineer for the pipeline and they undertook the environmental impact assessment for the project. Mott MacDonald handled the connection to the National Grid.
In 2008, GE Power Systems put the station up for sale at around £500m.
Turbine and generator supply: General Electric
Steam generator supply: Toshiba
Research: ECPK
"Baglan Bay Begins" in IPG, undated, pp10-12, document in PDF available on www.gepower.com
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Baglan Bay Power Station