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Ure Navigation and Ripon Canal
River Ure, Linton-on-Ouse to Ripon, North Yorkshire
associated engineer
John Smeaton
date  1767 - 1773
era  Georgian  |  category  Canal/Navigation works  |  reference  SE314708
The upper reach of the River Ouse changes its name to the River Ure at Swale Nab, and joins the Ripon Canal at Oxclose Lock. John Smeaton made a 29km stretch of river and canal navigable, with the help of his assistant William Jessop.
Work began after the passing of an Act of Parliamentary on 15th April 1767. Public subscription had raised 15,000 to pay for the scheme, which actually cost 16,400 by the time it opened in early 1773.
The scheme had a total of six locks, three weirs, and basin and warehouse at Ripon. Smeaton also designed the warehouse. The two big river locks at Linton and Milby were completed by the end of 1769. They each had a fall of about 3m with large weirs.
The British Transport Commission gained Royal Assent to abandon Ripon Canal in 1956. However, the navigation was reopened to Littlethorpe Road Bridge in 1986. In September 1996, the canal was re-opened to Ripon and is popular for leisure pursuits. The ecology of the middle and lower reaches of the River Ure are administered by the Lower Ure Conservation Trust.
Resident engineer: John Smith
Lock construction: Joshua Wilson
Research: ECPK
"John Smeaton, FRS" by Professor A.W. Skempton
Thomas Telford Limited, London, 1981

Ure Navigation and Ripon Canal