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The Revolution, Blackpool
Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Blackpool, Lancashire
associated engineer
Arrow Development Company
Jan Bobrowski & Partners
date  1978 - 1979
era  Modern  |  category  Amusement Structure  |  reference  SD305331
This spectacular ride was the first of its kind in Britain. The Revolution takes passengers on a freewheel drop, rising into a forward loop-the-loop on a curve known as an oblate clothoid, and up a steep slope. The train stops, and then repeats the trip backwards to return to the start.
The 194m long amusement structure is squeezed into a confined site. Passengers enter and leave the train via a fourth floor covered loading station, 15m above ground level. There is a second high-level station where the train pauses halfway through the ride.
The structure is founded on reinforced concrete pile caps carried by 30 and 50 tonne reinforced concrete piles, designed for the local geology of wind-blown sand overlying boulder clay at depth. The steelwork for the two stations is formed from 200 x 200 x 10mm hollow sections braced by 100 x 100 x 6.3mm rectangular hollow sections, forming arches spanning 31.7m with end overhangs of 23.7m. The track is formed from a pair of steel tubes 127mm in diameter.
Each train has four cars holding up to four people who are fully restrained by compressed air-operated harnesses. The trainís wheels are fixed in pairs at the ends of and between the cars. At each location there are three sets of wheels running vertically above and below the track and horizontally inside the track, to ensure the cars stay in place.
The ride was developed by Arrow Development Company of the USA, who designed and manufactured the machinery, the cars and the oblate clothoid section of the track. The steelwork for the stations was designed by Jan Bobrowski & Partners. Detailed steel fabrication drawings were prepared by Robert Watson & Co.
Architect (loading stations): Day & England
Main contractor: Robert Watson & Co (Construction Engineers) Ltd
Research: ECPK
"Revolution" by G.K. Ghosh
Tubular Structures Entertains, Tubular Structures, Vol. 32, June 1979, pp19-21

The Revolution, Blackpool