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East Pool Pumping Engine
Taylorís Shaft, East Pool, Redruth, Cornwall
associated engineer
Nicholas Trestrail
date  1892
era  Victorian  |  category  Mining/Quarrying  |  reference  SW673419
ICE reference number  HEW 880
One of Cornwall's largest and most recently constructed mine-related pumping engines, designed to raise water from the deep Carn Brea copper and tin mines. It was moved to its present site at East Pool mine in 1924.
Cornish engines were used to provide the power to drain mining shafts and prevent them from being flooded by seepage water. They were usually housed in tall stone buildings. Smaller engines (whims) were used to raise the mined ore and waste rock.
The Carn Brea mines closed in 1921. Cornish engineer Trestrail's pumping engine was dismantled and re-erected at Taylor Shaft, East Pool mine — a smaller mine, also for copper and tin. The re-erection date of 1924 makes it the last Cornish engine to be erected anywhere in the world.
Although East Pool mine closed in 1949, the engine was kept working until 1954 by the South Crofty Mine Company for use in their own (nearby) mine.
At Taylorís Shaft the engine pumped water from a depth of 518m. The weight of the total column of water was 86 tonnes, equal to 186kN of piston area — a heavy load for a Cornish engine that worked at 103kN for maximum efficiency. The cylinder is 2.3m in diameter and the piston stroke is 3m.
Under the management of the South Crofty company, the engine pumped water from the lesser depth of 315m . After 1954, electric pumps were used at South Crofty.
The engine is owned now by the National Trust and is an exhibit at the Cornish Mines & Engines site, which forms part of the Cornwall & West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage region.
Contractor: Harvey & Company of Hayle
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reference sources   CEH South

East Pool Pumping Engine