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Point of Ayre Lower Lighthouse
Point of Ayre, north coast of the Isle of Man, UK
Point of Ayre Lower Lighthouse
associated engineer
David Alan Stevenson
date  1890 - 1891
UK era  Victorian  |  category  Lighthouse  |  reference  NX467050
ICE reference number  HEW 936
photo  donation
The lower light on Point of Ayre is one of pair of lighthouses at the north-east corner of the Isle of Man. Both were designed by members of the famous Stevenson family of lighthouse engineers. The lower light was designed by David Alan Stevenson, grandson of the family patriarch, Robert Stevenson.
The lighthouse was commissioned by the Northern Lighthouse Board, as the earlier one had been before it. This earlier one (the Upper Lighthouse) started operating in 1819 and was designed by Robert Stevenson. It is the oldest lighthouse on the Isle of Man. David Alan Stevenson worked on the refurbishment of it at the time of the building of the Lower Light, 1890-91.
The second lighthouse stands on the shingle foreshore on an octagonal podium, 2.9m across with sides each measuring 1.2m. The podium now sits on Larsen steel piles that stick up 1.2m above the level of the shingle. The piling was added in 1950, when the lighthouse was rebuilt. The lamp produces white light, flashing every 3 seconds, and its range is some 13km.
Near the lower light is a fog signal station, now out of use.
Research: PD
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reference sources   CEH North

Point of Ayre Lower Lighthouse