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Douglas Head lighthouse (1892)
Douglas Head, Douglas, Isle of Man
Douglas Head lighthouse (1892)
associated engineer
David Alan Stevenson
date  1892
era  Victorian  |  category  Lighthouse  |  reference  SC390747
ICE reference number  HEW 833
photo  Paul Dunkerley
The white tower of Douglas Head lighthouse is a familiar sight to visitors to the Isle of Man. It is situated to the south east of Douglas Harbour. The present tower is the second on the site — both are linked to the famous Stevenson family of lighthouse builders.
The first light on this site was established by the Isle of Man Harbour commissioners, 1832-3. The tower was designed by brothers David and Thomas Stevenson, sons of Robert Stevenson. It rose 31.7m above high water mark and was allegedly visible from Blackpool Tower, more than 100km away across the Irish Sea, although its official reach was 24km.
It seems the light was unlit after 1850 and its loss was felt, as the need for a light prompted the transfer of responsibility to the Northern Lighthouse Board (1st August 1859), based in Edinburgh.
The commissioners of the Board had a new tower built, possibly because the old structure was unsound. They seem to have built it right alongside the old one, which was demolished. The second tower is most likely by David Alan Stevenson, David's son, and was completed in 1892. David Alan had been working on the two Isle of Man Point of Ayre lighthouses (1890-91).
The lighthouse is 20m high and sits at an elevation of 32m. Various buildings and a wall surround it. The light was automated in 1986.
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Douglas Head lighthouse (1892)