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Allt-na-Lairige Dam
north of Loch Lomond, Argyll, Scotland
associated engineer
J.A. Banks
Babtie, Shaw & Morton
date  1957
era  Modern  |  category  Dam/Reservoir  |  reference  NN250174
ICE reference number  HEW 1419
To date (2007) the Allt-na-Lairige Dam is the only large pre-stressed concrete dam in Britain. Its reservoir serves the Glen Shira Hydro-electric scheme — the power station is two miles downstream, on the River Fyne’s east bank.
Despite a maximum height of 22m and length around 415m, the Allt-na-Lairige Dam is slender in appearance. Its slender section was created using groups of pre-stressing anchors. They are located at 21m centres along the length of the dam and each consists of twenty-eight 300mm diameter high tensile steel bars. The anchors start at the dam top (or crest) and travel down through the height of the structure. They are buried 8m into the base rock below the dam.
The Allt-na-Lairige Dam was designed by J.A. Banks of Babtie, Shaw & Morton of Glasgow, and was completed in 1957. It is unique in Britain but other large pre-stressed concrete dams can be found in Europe and elsewhere, having been pioneered by the French engineer Andre Coyne.
Main contractor: Marples, Ridgeway & Partners
Research CB
reference sources   CEH SH

Allt-na-Lairige Dam