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Hollingworth Lake Reservoir
northeast of Rochdale, Greater Manchester, UK
associated engineer
William Jessop
date  1794 - 1798
UK era  Georgian  |  category  Dam/Reservoir  |  reference  SD936150
ICE reference number  HEW 1932
This impounding reservoir was reputedly designed by Jessop for the Rochdale Canal Company.
Hollingworth Lake was formed by two earth embankments approximately 11m and 9m high, each about 200m long, with a third earth embankment 8m high and 130m long. It was built by the Rochdale Canal Company to supply water to their canal some 30m below the Manchester side of the summit. A pumping engine and a conduit fed the summit pound at Chelburn.
Jessop had piloted the Bill for the building of the Rochdale Canal through Parliament based on the idea of feeding it from reservoirs rather than using the rivers and streams of the Pennines, which local mill owners depended upon for power.
The lake was bought for public water supply by the Oldham and Rochdale Corporations in 1923 along with other Rochdale Canal Company reservoirs. Obligations to feed the canal and provide compensation water remained. The embankments were strengthened extensively, the outlet structures were rebuilt, and the overflow was lowered in 1985-6.
The site has been used extensively for recreation for over a century, and is now a country park.
Research: PD
"Early dam builders in Britain" by G.M. BINNIE
Thomas Telford, London, 1987
reference sources   BDCE

Hollingworth Lake Reservoir