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Histon Windmill
Histon, Cambridgeshire
Histon Windmill
associated engineer
Not known
date  circa 1806
era  Georgian  |  category  Windmill  |  reference  TL440623
photo  Paul Dunkerley
An unusual mill in that it has a two-storey hexagonal smock, or fixed tower, mounted on top of a very tall brick base. It was last wind worked in 1937 and is now disused.
The base of the mill is three storeys high and tarred black. It has loading doors on the ground and first floor levels. The timber smock above is clad in horizontal weatherboarding and has small square windows. It tapers in profile. Sitting atop it is the white-painted cap, ogee in shape, with vertcal boarding and an iron cap gallery. There is a tall black ball finial and an eight-blade fantail. The poll end was still there until 1997.
The mill had a two-piece windshaft, a large 2.8m wooden brake-wheel, a 250mm square wooden upright shaft, a sack hoist driven from a wooden face gear on the upright shaft, a centrifugal flour dresser using silk, and two pairs of underdrift stones, spur wheel driven.
Milling ceased in the late 1920s, after which it was preserved by Messrs Chivers, the jam makers, who owned it at the time. It was last worked by wind in 1937, at which time it had four patent anticlockwise sails. These were still in place in 1989 but gone by 1996. The working fantail was overhauled by Graham Wilson of Over Mill.
The mill is now privately owned. Its location is sometimes given as Impington.
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reference sources   WGEWofE

Histon Windmill