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Folkestone Harbour
Folkestone, Kent
Folkestone Harbour
associated engineer
William Jessop
Thomas Telford
date  1808 onwards
era  Georgian  |  category  Harbour  |  reference  TR231359
ICE reference number  HEW 1859
photo  Trevor Page
A 14 acre harbour created in a natural haven in the cliffs at Folkestone. The plans for it were Jessop's. Telford was an advisor to the Loan Commission that funded the Folkstone Harbour Company and he subsequently became a consultant to the project.
The harbour that was constructed is smaller than the one outlined in Jessop's plans.
The innovative harbour walls are thought to be Telford's design. They are of undressed slabs, up to two tons each, laid at approx. 45 degrees to the horizontal laid in two rows. The interior of the wall is filled with broken stone.
Two piers were constructed, though only the East Pier can be seen today in its original form.
The harbour was completed in 1820 but it quickly became silted up and the harbour Company went bankrupt in 1842 and the harbour was subsequently purchased by the South Eastern Railway.
Many changes have been made to the harbour since 1820.
reference sources   CEH South

Folkestone Harbour