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Grindleton Bridge
River Ribble, Grindleton, Lancashire
Grindleton Bridge
associated engineer
Not known
date  original 18th century, 1934 - 1935
era  Georgian  |  category  Bridge  |  reference  SD760449
photo  Paul Dunkerley / ICE R&D Fund
The original Grindleton Bridge was made of limestone and was probably built some time in the 18th century. A single arch and its river pier remains but the deck and two main arches were replaced in steel in 1934-35.
The span that remains from the original structure is 3.1m wide with a semi-circular arch constructed using a single ring of voussoirs (wedge-shaped stones). It lies on the south bank of the Ribble and acts as both a storm water span or flood arch, and a cattle creep.
The 1930s replacement works removed the two river spans and inserted riveted steel girders with curved soffits or undersides. The girders support fabricated steel cross beams on iron bearing plates. The new deck is a trough made of steel with Tarmacadam surfacing. The two river spans are now 12.3m (southern one) and 11.6m wide.
The masonry abutments have substantial pillars each side of the bridge. The southern abutment is built in stone-faced concrete. The pointed cutwaters of the old river pier have been extended up to meet the new steelwork.
The bridge now carries a two lane road with a footpath either side. In place of parapets, there are open cast iron railing panels.
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Grindleton Bridge