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Erskine Bridge
River Clyde, Erskine, Inverclyde, Scotland, UK
associated engineer
Freeman Fox & Partners
W.A. Fairhurst & Partners
date  April 1967 - 2nd July 1971
UK era  Modern  |  category  Bridge  |  reference  NS461724
A cable-stayed road bridge crossing the River Clyde downstream from Glasgow. The then state-of-the-art design is notable for its economy of materials. It is the only bridge in Scotland with single cables over central main supports, and was a precursor of the Millau Viaduct in France.
Erskine Bridge has a main span of 305m and end spans of 110m. It is supported from two 38m tall steel towers that rest on slender reinforced concrete piers. The piers flex with the movement of the deck caused by temperature changes.
The aerodynamic 31.25m wide deck has a trapezoidal cross section and is made from 15 sections of high-yield steel welded continuous box girder. It carries the A898 dual two-lane carriageway with footways and cycle tracks.
The single cable passing over the saddle of each tower consists of 4,272 galvanized steel wires of 5mm diameter, arranged in 24 strands each, with a breaking load of 508 tonnes. The cables are anchored in the median area between the carriageways.
The bridge structure was designed by Freeman Fox & Partners, and the concrete piers and foundations by W.A. Fairhurst & Partners.
Including the approaches, Erskine Bridge is 1,322m long and cost some £10.5 million to build. It is the lowest crossing point of the River Clyde and was opened by HRH Princess Anne on 2nd July 1971 as a toll bridge. Tolls were abolished on 31st March 2006.
Bridge repairs totalling £3.6m were completed in December 1996, after an oil rig being towed downriver collided with the deck in August 1996. During September and October 2009, Amey carried out maintenance and repairs including resurfacing the north and south approaches to the bridge.
Architect: R.E. Slater
Supervising engineer: Oleg Kerensky for Freeman Fox
Contractor: Fairfield-Mabey
Contractors (foundations): Christiani & Neilsen, Lehane Mackenzie, Shand Ltd
Steel cable supply: Bridon International
Research: ECPK
reference sources   CEH SLB

Erskine Bridge