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Hodder Lower Bridge
River Hodder, east of Hurst Green, Lancashire
Hodder Lower Bridge
associated engineer
Bernard Hartley Snr
date  1818 - 1820
era  Georgian  |  category  Bridge  |  reference  SD714387
ICE reference number  HEW 1403
photo  PaulDunkerley / ICE R&D Fund
Bernard Hartley was the Surveyor of Bridges to West Riding of Yorkshire and well over 20 bridges in the north of England were constructed or widened during his stewardship. The elevations of Lower Hodder Bridge display his usual attention to detail.
The bridge carries the B6243 Longridge-to-Clitheroe road over the River Hodder about 1.6 kilometers from its confluence with the Ribble. It replaced Cromwell's Bridge of 1561, which still stands, though disused, a few metres downstream. The road was realigned by McAdam to cross the new bridge.
Lower Hodder Bridge is an impressive structure, with three elliptical spans. The side spans are 13.5m and 13.47m wide, and the centre span 13.53m, with a rise of 4.4m. The deck is 5.74m wide between the masonry parapets. The bridge is some 61m long overall.
Its quoins, or wedge-shaped blocks that make up the arches, continue up radially into the spandrels (the space between the arch and vertical and horizontal structural elements). The radial masonry is rusticated and continues up to the string course and parapet stonework. All its joints are chamfered (shaved edges). In contrast, the stone parapets have horizontal grooves cut all along them. The parapet is capped with smooth coping stones.
Hartley’s original specification and drawings are dated 1st September 1818.
Research: PD
"The Ancient Bridges of the North of England" by E. Jervoise
EP Publishing Ltd, 1973
reference sources   BDCE1

Hodder Lower Bridge