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Staining Mill
Staining, Lancashire
Staining Mill
associated engineer
Not known
date  1715
era  Georgian  |  category  Windmill  |  reference  SD346366
photo  Paul Dunkerley / ICE R&D Fund
A former tower mill with a colourful career since it last did any milling in the early part of last century. It has been a Home Guard post in WWII, a clubhouse for art students, a plastics business, a cake factory and gutted twice by fire before conversion to a house, as it remains today.
Built in 1715 by a retired ship's captain, it replaced a 'buried' post mill on this site. It's tower was originally stuccoed externally, and the timber cap was hand-luffed (the sails moved into the wind) with a rope and pulley. The mill had four pairs of overdrift stones.
The building was severely damaged by a storm in 1894. By 1916, it was the only working Fylde mill still with common sails but it ceased wind working in around 1918. It was still milling in 1923, when the weathervane on the top of the cap was in the shape of a fish, mounted on an old bicycle pedal running on ball bearings.
In 1928, it had four common anticlockwise sails (though these have also been reported as two mixed anticlockwise sails with common and spring systems on each: spring on the leading edges and common on the driving sides). The millstones were removed in the late 1930s.
After this came the Home Guard, the art students, the plastics and the cakes. The first major fire was in 1960. Restoration started in 1980 but the mill was gutted by another fire in 1981. It was then converted into a house in the late 1980s and further restored in 1994 in a very sympathetic way, with new boat-shaped cap, a projection at the rear for a luffing wheel and chain, four common anticlockwise sails and new staggered windows. The tower is a Grade 2 Listed building.
Research: PD
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reference sources   WGEICE/INCH

Staining Mill