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Millennium Bridge, Lancaster
River Lune, Lancaster, UK
Millennium Bridge, Lancaster
associated engineer
date  2000 - February 2001
UK era  Modern  |  category  Bridge  |  reference  SD474621
photo  donation
A twin-masted cable-stayed pedestrian and cycle bridge that forms a Y in plan, linking both the viaduct and the quay in Lancaster to the opposite bank of the Lune. The bridge's masts echo the sailing ships of bygone centuries.
The bridge's twin tubular steel masts sit on a concrete pier founded on the hard rock located near the surface of the river on the city side. The whole bridge is suspended from these masts.
The cable-stayed structure combines the inherent strength of its 600mm deep steel box girder deck with the elegance of the varying diameter masts and their suspension cables. The short south-west 'gangplank' span helps prevent mast sway, as well as providing access from the quay.
A mammoth crane and very calm weather were needed to lift the masts into position. Special permission had to be sought for the building of the spans because of the migrating salmon in the river.
The bridge cost 1.8m to construct and is 140m long, with a span of 64m. The masts are 40m high. There is second concrete pier near the north bank. Cables tie the heads of the masts to the deck and back to the south bank.
Contractor: Henry Boot Construction
Research: PD

Millennium Bridge, Lancaster