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Warrington Academy, moving of
Bridge Street, Warrington, Cheshire
Warrington Academy, moving of
associated engineer
J.E. Holdsworth
date  21st May 1981
era  Modern  |  category  Building  |  reference  SJ607879
ICE reference number  HEW 1085
photo  Paul Dunkerley
On 21st May 1981, 'Floatpads’ and high-pressure grease were first used together in moving this 600 tonne building, which was the heaviest to be moved to that date in Britain.
The Old Academy at Warrington is a three storey red brick Grade 2 Listed building, constructed circa 1745 at the lower end of Bridge Street (originally called Bridgefoot). The 600 tonne building was moved a distance of 19m on new underpinned reinforced concrete foundations as part of a road widening scheme.
The moving operation was engineered by Holdsworth and achieved by the contractors Pynford using a novel combination of high-pressure grease and ‘Floatpads’, manufactured by Glover Engineering of Manchester.
Three air-driven winches were used in combination to move the building, a further two winches being required to restrain it. Twenty men took part in the operation, which is believed to be the heaviest building movement in Britain up to that date. The project cost £100,000.
Subsequently, an extension was built on the west side of the building in matching style and brickwork. The building is just northwest of Warrington Bridge, which carries the northbound carriageway of the A49.
Contractors: Pynford (Midlands) Ltd
Specialist contractor: Glover Engineering
Research: PD
"New Civil Engineer"
21st May 1981 p.4 and 28th May 1981, p.10
"Contract Journal"
11th June 1981, p.4
"Building Technology & Management"
Vol 20, No 2, February 1982, pp 3-7

Warrington Academy, moving of