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Skegness Pier
Skegness, Lincolnshire
associated engineer
Clarke & Pickwell
date  1879 - 1881
era  Victorian  |  category  Pier, seaside  |  reference  TF570634
ICE reference number  HEW 1732
Skegness Pier was notable for the unusual Gothic style adopted for its entrance architecture. The truncated pier now concentrates activities at the landward end.
The 1,815ft pier was built for the Skegness Pier Company for 19,000. It had a 700-seat Indian style pavilion, two kiosks and a bandstand at the pierhead, an elevated promenade deck and pairs of shelters on neck widenings, plus four widenings for seating.
Cast iron screw piles in rows of three supported raking cast iron columns with ornate heads in pairs. These were braced with wrought iron tie rods and a horizontal strut, with bracing to the centre piles. It had wrought iron lattice girders and Oregon pitch pine beams supporting Baltic redwood joists and transverse Jarrah planks.
There was cast iron seating along each side of the 20ft wide neck, with iron handrailing, the south handrail also serving as the pierhead gas main.
A major fire in 1895 damaged the decking. The pier was breached by schooner collision in 1919. Temporary repairs were made and a 160ft length was replaced 20 years later. The promenade was extended seawards in 1929-30 to an overall length of 1,880ft and the landward end was replaced in reinforced concrete. The pier used to have an 80ft high diving board.
The original entrance had unusual Gothic kiosks, removed in 1920 and replaced in 1936-7 with an arcade extended in 1946. The pier was taken over by the military during World War II. The Gothic entrance arch was replaced in 1971 when the entrance was modernised with a leisure centre and bar at the landward end.
The pier was severely damaged by the gale of 11th January 1978, two sections of the neck being washed away marooning the pierhead. The pavilion on the pierhead then burned down in 1985 while being demolished.
Main contractor: Head, Wrightson & Co
Research: PD
"Skegness Pier, 1881-1978"
by Albert E. Thompson
ISBN 1 870149 22 X
reference sources   SPSurv

Skegness Pier