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Deal Pier
Deal, Kent
associated engineer
Sir William Halcrow & Partners
date  1954 - 1957
era  Modern  |  category  Pier, seaside  |  reference  TR378527
ICE reference number  HEW 715
The only seaside pier to be built in Britain since the First World War. It is the third pier to have occupied this site. Its predecessors were by first John Rennie, then Eugenius Birch, the latter damaged by ship collision in World War II.
The first pier was only the sixth seaside pier in the country. It was built in 1838 to designs by Rennie, though only 250ft of the proposed 445ft were completed due to financial problems. It was open to steamers, despite only being half its designed length, but was destroyed by a storm in 1857.
The second pier was built in 1863-64 to the designs of Birch by the contractor Richard Laidlaw & Son of Glasgow. It was 1,100ft long, with seating along the entire length. It had cast iron screw piles, a tramway for luggage and two ornate entrance tollhouses. A reading room and salt water baths were added in the 1870s and a pierhead pavilion was built in 1886.
This pier was damaged by shipping in 1873 and in 1884, and then breached by the military but effectively destroyed by ship collision during the war. It was demolished in 1954.
The third and present pier was built in 1954-57 to a length of 1,026ft. The tollhouses were demolished and a reinforced concrete structure built, with a timber deck and seating along its length but the main structural elements were later encased in protective concrete and a 200mm thick reinforced concrete deck provided in lieu. The three-level pierhead has a bar, cafe and lounge, though the lowest level is always under water.
In 2003, the work of removing and replacing spalled concrete while protecting or enhancing the reinforcement required contractor John Martin Construction to devise a novel means of access: a bespoke gantry system was created to allow access to the deck soffit and to the columns, where a modified limpet dam was used.
Research: PD
Main contractor: Contractor Concrete Piling Ltd (1954-57)
Contractor: Johh Martin Construction (2003)
reference sources   CEH SouthSPSurv

Deal Pier