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Grape Street Warehouse
Quay Street, Castlefield, Manchester, UK
Grape Street Warehouse
associated engineer
Not known
date  1868 - 1869
era  Victorian  |  category  Building  |  reference  SJ831979
ICE reference number  HEW 956
photo  Paul Dunkerley
This six storey warehouse is an excellent example of its period. It was constructed to replace two warehouse buildings that were destroyed by fire in 1866.
It was possibly designed by the Chief Engineer of the London & North West Railway, since one of the railway's viaducts was sited next to it. There used to be three transverse railway tracks, connected by wagon turntables to a longitudinal track, outside the south wall. The warehouse's internal levels consist of basement, street level, rail level and three upper floors.
The building measures 61.4m by 30.5m and is 22.9m high to parapet level. It is constructed in red brick with grey brick window casings and quoins. There are three openings designed to let railway wagons enter the building and these have six rows of brickwork in their arches.
Up to the first upper level, the building's fire-proof construction uses wrought iron girders and short span brick jack-arches. Hollow circular cast iron columns, which also serve as rainwater downpipes, run along the building's east-west centre line. Cruciform section ones run along the two quarter lines. The columns support 400mm H-section beams lengthwise and 355mm beams crosswise, carrying wooden floors. The twin-hipped roof is supported by queen-post trusses.
These days, the wrought iron beams support modern ceiling tiles. Modern steel stairs have been added on the outside of the western elevation, as well as from fourth floor to the top floor. Isolated parts of the original hoist mechanisms remain between some of the roof trusses.
Until recently, the warehouse was part of the ITV Granada Studios complex. In spring 2007, the building was emptied prior to being 'moth-balled' for possible conversion into office accommodation.
Research: PD
reference sources   CEH North

Grape Street Warehouse