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Warrington Bridge
River Mersey, Warrington, Cheshire, UK
Warrington Bridge
associated engineer
Webster & Fitzsimons
date  1909 - 1915
UK era  Modern  |  category  Bridge  |  reference  SJ606878
ICE reference number  HEW 254
photo  donation
The bridge over the Mersey at Warrington, which is still tidal at this point, is the first British bridge to commence construction that incorporated reinforced concrete hinges in its design.
The first bridge on this site was in place in 1305. The current bridge is the sixth.
Its reinforced concrete hinges, by Considère Constructions, are located at the mid spans of its eight 134ft reinforced concrete parabolic arch ribs. They took a total thrust of some 240 tons during construction.
The hinges were used to allow for 3 inch settlement movement while the bridge was being built and were closed to create the fixed arches we see today that carry the live traffic loading.
The bridge is 80ft wide and was built in two sections between the abutments, where the 350 ton lateral forces are taken by nine inclined piles. It has a shallow rise/span ratio of 1 in 10. The deck loading is transferred to the arch ribs by short columns. The arch rib springings are submerged at high water.
A new bridge was constructed 70 yards upstream to take southbound traffic of the A49 and Warrington Bridge now takes the northbound traffic.
Main contractor: Alfred Thorne & Sons
Specialist contractor: Considère Constructions Ltd
research: PD
"Reinforced Concrete Bridges" by W.L. Scott, Crosby Lockwood, London, 1931
reference sources   CEH W&W

Warrington Bridge