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Queen's Pier, Ramsey
Ramsey, Isle of Man, UK
Queen's Pier, Ramsey
associated engineer
John Goode
date  June 1882 - 22nd July 1886
UK era  Victorian  |  category  Pier, seaside  |  reference  SC456941
ICE reference number  HEW 1001
photo  donation
A simple and attractive promenading and steamer embarkation pier with unexpectedly unconventional construction details. As well as designing the pier, Goode acted as resident engineer.
The pier was built by the Head Wrightson & Co., who probably used the 3ft gauge tramway, which runs up the middle, for their steam crane during the construction, as they had done at Herne Bay.
It is 2,150 ft long and is for the most part only 21ft 3in wide overall. The neck widens at intervals for seating. The central widening allows a passing loop in the tramway. The tender price was £36,710, the final cost £40,752.
A pair of octagonal timber kiosks were built where the deck widens at the landward end. At this point a tramway siding is located just inside a 1956 flat-roofed entrance building. The small pierhead building has a refreshments room and toilets.
Queen’s Pier is supported by unusual cruciform columns in rows of three at 40ft centres. The outer columns rake, braced diagonally with wrought iron rods with turnbuckles. The columns numbers increase to double rows of five where the deck is widened (five locations).
The columns support longitudinal wrought iron lattice girders 3ft deep and transverse secondary girders, braced diagonally with angle irons.
These carry a complex cambered deck construction consisting of transverse 11in x 4in timbers on edge at 3ft 3in centres, carrying tapered packing timbers. These in turn carry longitudinal 7in x 2.5in timbers on flat at 1ft 6in centres, then 3in x 1.25in transverse boards at 3.5in centres.
Simple cast iron handrail standards bolted at 6 ft 6in centres either side of the deck are fixed to the 12in x 12in timber stringcourses.
The timber jetty that extend at right angles from the end of the pier was built in 1899 and carried a semaphore and navigation light. It can be seen in our picture but was demolished in the 1990s.
Steamer services ceased in 1970 and the pier was closed in 1991.
Research: PD
Contractor: Head Wrightson & Co, Stockton-on-Tees
reference sources   SPSPd

Queen's Pier, Ramsey